Monday, November 8, 2010

Catch Up

Mom and Dad with all their Grandkids (except Maddy) Grace, Abby and Anna 1st day @ Lafayette Not sure what prompted me to update my blog but I think it's way over due, just in case there a few people who actually look at it! The good and the bad: My Grandma King passes away a year and 2 days after her husband in June 2010. We will greatly miss her and the ties to the Valley, my homestead. Hard to believe that both of my mom's parents have passed away. We also lost a dear cousin this past summer. Matt Wood. A wonderful young man who James spent a lot of time with growing up. More like a brother to him, he was in our wedding party almost 12 years ago. Thank God he knew Jesus and we have assurance he is in Heaven. At the same time this happened, we had to surrender our first dog Mac, to a Boxer Rescue. He became more and more anxious and fearful and bit a little girl. Thankfully I've known the girl's mom forever! The little girl was ok too but we couldn't take chances with new people coming in our house often. Very unusual for a Boxer as well, but the Vet agreed it was out of fear that he did it, not aggression. To top of an eventful and sad summer, we took a trip out west to Cody, Wyoming. Spent the week on a Dude ranch with my side of the family. All the Booher siblings and families made it (minus little Maddy who was too young). We had a fantastic time and made some amazing memories. I am going to attempt to post pictures of this on here even though they are all of FB. Darn FB, I spend too much time on it. Back to School this year meant some big changes as well. Anna started K full time and all 3 of our kids switched from FHS to Lafayette. This has been a big adjustment and hard to go through at times. The good in all this is that it draws us closer to God as we spend more time in prayer for our children and their schooling. I am seeing God refine all of us, esp. Isaac who had the toughest time. He is growing and developing good character through this. He's handled it amazingly. His biggest adjustment was missing his friends. Grace misses some friends but actually seems to be blossoming academically at Lafayette, which we are so thankful for! She was assessed for being very below level in her reading. They put her in a reading group every other day where she got help from the reading teachers. In just over a month, she is up to level and doing fantastic. I think the reading teachers were even shocked at how quickly she has moved ahead. She takes school seriously and is very focused. Very proud of her and Isaac for their hard work. Anna has had to adjust more to getting up EVERY day and going to school. This routine got old around week 2. She also had two migraines in September, which gave me a scare. I realized the she'd been eating a lot of bologna sandwiches which I think were a trigger, on top of not drinking as much and being over tired, new routine, etc. She seems to be doing well now and has gone almost 4 weeks without having one. Praise God! So, here are pictures from out West and back to school!


Jessa said...

Hey so glad you are back at blogging! So sorry to hear what a rough year you had. The dude ranch sounds like a lot of fun though!! The kids are getting so big :) I can't believe it. I'm glad they are getting adjusted to the new school - been there, done that. It took my kids a full year before they started to feel at home in their new school. I hope your kids are able to adjust more quickly than that. :) Hugs to you!!

The Rice's said...

I still read your blog!! ALso My Aunt Tina is a Kindergarten assisatant at Lafayette. Her name is Tina knapp!!